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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Michael Jackson on Singapore's GE

"Remember The Time"
When everything was rosy
We let you get away
With all your policies

Slowly but surely
Your "Human Nature" revealed
You took too much
You gave too few

Since when did you start
Justifying all your deeds
"Don't Stop Till You Get Enough"
Was your party creed

"The Way You Make Me Feel"
Is anything but bliss
You're such a "Smooth Criminal"
And you don't give a piss

Your promises are empty
They're "Gone Too Soon"
Houses have become unaffordable
And the trains have no more room

You make me pay ERP
So I can go into a "Jam"
You then raise the COE
And now I can't even buy a van

You bring in so many friends
foreign, young and old
I've been made to feel
Like a "Stranger in Moscow"

You asked for "One More Chance"
But "You Are Not Alone"
Why should I vote for you
And let you suck my bones

Now there are so many other camps
They "Wanna Be Startin' Something"
They said "We're Almost There"
And I like what I'm hearing

You said they're "Bad", they're "Bad"
You know, you know it
Your world's always so "Black or White"
I'm getting tired, I'm getting sick

Now that the nigh is near
You want to "Heal The World"
Your words make me cringe
And my stomach hurl

My advice is - "Leave Me Alone"
Just "Beat It", "Beat It"
Look at the "Man in The Mirror"
It's about time you face it

Life under your rule
Has been quite a "Thriller"
I thank you for the good times
But I've woken from my slumber

- All I wanna say is that - "They Don't Really Care About Us". -

A tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson

© 2011 Rena Tan. All rights reserved.

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