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Thursday, November 08, 2007

i am back

it's been a while, a long while. i guess the chaotic pace of my work and other distractions - didn't help either.

i was also going through a writer's block. i stared for hours on this screen, trying to pen my thoughts but i couldn't.

not too long ago, i typed in Blogger's URL, but i was blocked. couldn't figure out why. since i have nothing i wanted to update, i gave up trying to log in.

then came one mail. then two. then a couple more.

friends of this blog started writing me, asking me if i am ever going to blog again. people i don't know emailed me telling me how my blog has impacted them in ways i cannot understand. long lost readers messaged me to say they missed my posts. everywhere i turn, someone will remind me of Hotel Solace.

and i have to say -- i am indeed very touched. i am sorry i have been gone for so long. i do want so much to touch lives again, and i hope i can still remember how to do it.

i have retreated into a space that doesn't need me to feel that much -- and that helped brought some stability and sanity back into my otherwise dysfunctional life. for a while, this blog has been that hotel solace for me, and many others. but the emotions that checked in here daily were mostly raw, and very, very real. i needed a solace of my own and i found it interestingly, by not blogging.

but it feels good ...to be back.

it feels wonderful to know u guys are still checking in.

and it feels liberating to be able to crack the stupid privacy code that's preventing me from logging into blogger.

and yes, i do miss you too.


Richard said...

It is nice to see you back, but for how long?

It is easy to get away from blogging. I had a slow period this summer. It was just nice not to have to think up something coherent and post it.

As I later realized, it was really symptomatic of something else going on. Of melancholy wrapping its arms around my soul. I seem to have shaken it off and am blogging once again at a fairly normal (for me) clip (although, this month I register for NaBloWriMo – national blog writing month, supposed to post every day).

The worst you can do is to think you have to be someone, that you have to somehow perform. It will come across as phony. Some people might like that. I won't.

Sometimes blogging can be hard, especially when we write to an audience. I constantly find myself stopping myself from TELLING an idea and instead sharing it (and, hopefully, I come across less pompous and arrogant).

I miss coffee and cheesecake and heartfelt talks. I miss walks in the park and counting the stars. Blogging can't replace human contact, but it can be a good substitute at times (and, it is caffeine free).

ethan said...

Welcome Back!

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Thanks Richard and Ethan

I think being back into blogging for me at this point, is taking the first step to sharing again. It is poignant to me now more than ever, because for a while, it was taking a lot out of me - not just time, commitment - but plenty of soul baring emotions.

The point is not about being the period I am going to stay in Hotel Solace, but what I will be sharing here once again.

And I hope it will be something that resonates with the people who read this, simply because I am who I am - and whatever blog will be a reflection of that. :)

Cobalt Paladin said...

Miss you! Welcome back!

ike said...

Yes pls get writing again and keep this diary alive! Your life hasn't stopped neither should the log :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! :-)

I had the same problem for a couple of weeks too, trying to log into blogger but somehow was blocked. Luckily that was rectified quite soon.

Hope you are more recharged and able to write more again!

JayWalk said...

Wah... Laoniang tng lai liao...

Goot. Goot.

Tan Kok Seng said...

Hello... welcome back. Look forward to your next post. :-)

Mr Economics said...

welcome back! miss you mucho...

Whiskoffee said...

hello there! =)