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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the treadmill

by ~protozoario

Beloved guests of Hotel Solace - I am back! A long hiatus I must agree, but as you know, October was a mad month for me.

I have survived it, and sucking my stomach in for November. Working out my marketing budgets for next year, and it looks wonderful! At least I will get some of my marketing wishlist fulfilled! And that means I am potentially going to roll out some strong branding, marketing, PR and advertising initiatives that will potentially benefit Singapore, KL and HK in a BIG way. As of today, I've also managed to convince Japan to take part in some of my marketing ideas for Asia - and that's a thrill!

The other good news is - I am finally getting my temp marketing assistant! That's absolutely divine because I do not have to work my bones off so much anymore. He's coming in for an interview tomorrow morning - and I am keeping my fingers crossed that my boss approves of him. :)

Recently, I seem to have loads and loads of ideas that are bursting out of me. I want to do so many things. I want to create so many stuff. Everything's tumbling over each other at rocket speed inside my head that I couldn't sleep. I keep wondering what I could have done, what I have to do, what I can possibly achieve and more's out there for me to experiment and execute to get it all together.

My brain's racing ahead of me and if I do not know myself better, I would have suspected that I am on drugs. I can't stop thinking about stuff. My mind's a hyper-activity hub that operates 24/7. And I don't know why.

Sometimes I burnt myself out just trying to do everything. It seems I am so afraid that I may just die tomorrow with much remorse and regret if I cannot fulfil all I wanted to do. I race against time every single day, just so I can satisfy all the desires, great ideas, wonderful plans and my dreams. Every single success and accomplishment gets ticked off from my life's TO DO list, and it almost feels like a drug addiction that I crave for to keep me alive.

If I were to stop whatever I am doing, I just might wither and die. I wanted so much to rest sometimes, but I can't stop running. The feeling's like running on a treadmill that couldn't be turn off.

But the funny thing is, I am high on work. And I am very happy.

I think I am insane.


JayWalk said...

Hmm... a marketing assistant and a male one to boot.

Sorry if I can't help but be reminded of Rachel in F.R.I.E.N.D.S where she hired this cute assistant Tag when she was with Ralph Lauren.

I fear from this assistant of yours... =P

Matt said...

Well, its said we are at our best under mild amounts of stress and at our happiest when we do what we love :)

Nice post!

I invite you to come visit Empathy at it's new location.

THanks :)

Anonymous said...

Its wonderful to find something that makes you feel fulfilled, let alone be blessed to be able to make a career out of something you love. Im very happy for you and wish you all the best and greater successes in your life. Just remember to takecare of your health as it is important for work too. Very infact.



Tan Kok Seng said...

Damn... what brand of coffee are you on? Strong stuff... must get some for myself! :-p

the virgin undergrad said...

Hey, how come you changed your blogskin? much prefer the old one

Elvina aka LaoNiang said...

Jaywalk: berry funny. In fact, i fear for him too.

Matt: Thanks! I will check out your new site and update my links too!

LiYi: Babe - I am happy for you too! Stay that way and all good things will come your way!

Tan Kok Seng: That brand of coffee can only be found in Hotel Solace.

Virgin: I have no choice. Migrated to Beta Blogger only to realise I cannot customise my blogskin. ARRGhhh!

Andrew said...

You need retail theraphy.

Richard said...

I think two factors can fill the mind with ideas.

(1) you are at the top of the world (no doubt suffering from oxygen deprivation) and feel you can do and accomplish anything.

(2) you are desperate and seeking to escape.

I am glad to hear you are so enthused and energized. You almost make it sound like you are responsible for promoting all of Asia ;-)

CrimsonWolf said...

oct was a hectic one for spin sis too..i guess you both found new enemies..

NJS said...

Finding a niche for yourself and your purpose in this world probably generate this great passion for whatever you doing...

Glad to read that you doing so well!