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Friday, December 21, 2007

christmas in London

Yes - I am in London!

I have been invited by my HQ to visit the London office - and meet up with my marketing counterparts. It was also a perfect opportunity for me to attend our company's Christmas party that's happening in about 30 minutes time. I am blogging from the members' area at the Natural History Museum - a gorgeous work of art - where the black tie event is being held.

Here's a sneak peek of this awesome architecture and the lovely skating rink outside it.

London is freezing cold right now - and the average temperature in the night time hovers between 0 to 2 degrees.

But it's great fun and absolutely quaint - and the weather...mmm..it is a wonderful change from the hot and humid Singapore. Just last night, I took a stroll down Oxford Street with a cup of warm steamed milk in one hand, and shopping bags in the other.

I will put up some more pictures when I am back.

Meanwhile, for all my friends in Hotel Solace - Happy holidays and have a blessed Christmas.


r_goh said...

hi elvina! hope you still remember me..

thats nice to know that you're enjoying yourself over there.

looking forward to your future posts. =)


Richard said...

Ah! So you have gone to visit the land of my birth.

Zero is quite mild. We are around 0C in Montreal at the moment. It is too warm, I just throw on a vest and go out.

Don't remember much about England. I was born in Sutton-in-Ashfield in the county of Nottingham. I do remember catching frogs with a net in the sewers and an apple orchard behind our house.

I hope there was honey in that steamed milk. Hot milk with honey is very nice before bed.

Cavalock said...

have a great 2008!

Yvy's said...

oooo..how nice!! it was a stnking hot christmas down under!! anyway, i hope it's not too late to wish u a happy new year n may 2008 be more productive n your resolutions come true. :) *xoxoxo*

Donny said...


Paulina Williams said...

Nice posting, thanks for sharing with us. Your blog is great and helped me feel better knowing about the Christmas party London. Thanks again!