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Sunday, December 31, 2006

year in rewind

Photo by mjagiellicz

one more day to 2007. how time flies. literally. it's like a super jet powered with accelerated turbo engines speeding into yet another zone leaving many people, many memories and many histories behind.

2006 was an interesting year.

Thailand ousted its President in a bloodless coup. Its people are now more frustrated than before.

Singapore chose its ruling party in a highly controversial - and perhaps - the most amusing election ever.

Saddam was executed. Not without the sacrifice of many lives, of course.

I got a new job - which took up much of my time because I have to pick up everything from scratch. New colleagues, new environment, new nuances that come with the work.

But among all these things that are flitting by every day, 2006 to me, is nothing more than a year of great expectations and emotions.

2006 is a year of many broken-hearted souls. much tears and sadness. loss of self worth. extreme disappointment. women i know are going through so much pain everywhere i turn.

they are beautiful and strong in spirit. they are smart and make fantastic conversationalists. all of them have lots of love to offer and are big hearted towards friends and families too.

why is it then that they keep meeting men who are either stringing them along, making excuses for not wanting to commit, blowing hot and cold, or bailing out on them when these girls need them most?

what is wrong with the men? they keep respawning, like the mobs in World of Warcraft. No amount of hellfire can get rid of them.

and the girls keep falling and waltzing around these guys - wishin' & hopin' they will come round one day and accept them.

meanwhile, the guys have moved on. with another life. another woman. another world. another time. they will entertain you from time to time, but that's about it.

many men told me before that if a guy really loves someone, he will go all out for her. there is no need to tap dance around a guy to make him like you. but i see the girls gorging their hearts out to men who trample on them callously and leave them out in the cold to be devoured by wolves. i can't help feeling pained.

the girls say i am a distrusting cynic. talking to me is depressing because i seemed to diss and have nothing good to say about the men in their lives. the very same men whom i predicted are not serious about them and will break their fragile hearts if they don't walk away - fast. somehow, my blunt comments suddenly became self-fulfilling prophecies?

or was i only being perceptive and intuitive, having had so many bad relationships in the past that i can profile any type of man based on the kind of girl he goes for, the things he say, the actions that follow and his thought processes - just like what an FBI criminal profiler would do to identify his UNSUB (also known as unknown suspect).

i pick up all these obvious clues almost instantaneously and can almost map out the next steps these guys are going to say or do. it tortures me as much to see them actually doing the things to my friends as i said they would. this would be the one time in my life i really hate to be right.

but i don't deny i am a cynic, and i may be wrong at times. i may be unforgiving, unrelenting and insensitive. i may be critical and judgemental. but my intentions are not to hurt you but to keep you away from what i perceive is harm.

people ask me for advice. they confide in me. they want my opinions. i am not sure how much of those they can take - because the truth always hurts.

so i am beginning to say less, and just listen more. that's why God gave us a pair of ears and only one mouth, isn't it? i just can't offer anything more than my absolute honesty, and how i truly feel. i don't want to lie to make you feel good. and if i am a cynic, that's because i am who i am, and i survived till today with that mentality so i think i have a good reason to be one.

you can ask me again how I feel 50 years down the road, and my answer will still be the same. they are just not worth it if they cannot return your love. but if i cannot convince you that you are more important than the man who does not care about your heart, the day will come when i will tell you - please just do what you want if it takes that to make you really, really happy.

they used to say time and tide waits for no man.

i wanna say to you - it will definitely NOT wait for any woman.

it sucks. but that's life. leave your baggages behind. things that have passed should stay in the past.

happy new year and move on.
it's 2007 already.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

a talent showcase

i love christmas. very much indeed. it's the season for giving, loving and forgivin'. though i feel we should be doing these anyway no matter when or where, but i guess the peace and joy exuded by the spirit of Christmas - somehow made it easier to do so.

i have a very talented girlfriend who makes beautiful jewellery for the modern and stylish ladies. she impresses me a great deal because each of these 'precious' are crafted and exquisitely put together with a lot of thought, creativity, passion and time. i for one, have toes for my fingers. i would probably destroy anything delicate or dainty that comes my way.
yup. i am a ruffian - and i can't do anything about it.

but this girl (her name's Dorothy by the way), she's a gem herself. i would like to use this blog of mine to showcase her amazing work and if any of you out there are looking for special Christmas and birthday gifts for ladies, sisters, mums, colleagues, lovers, girlfriends, wives or your potential 'targets" - this collection would make a very unique and thoughtful gift as it is handmade - with lots of love. :)

If you like what you see, please drop Dorothy Lee a note at clardot@gmail.com.

Broaches and Bracelets

B01 - To Paris with Love Cameo brooch with an eiffel tower charm makes your girl feel like she has just stepped off the streets of Paris. ~ S$15

B02: Eternity
Girly gold bracelet with painted rose pearl and gorgeous crystals, perfect for that Christmas party. ~ S$25

B03: The Royal Charm
Gorgeous three strand yellow and rose gold bracelet intertwined with bronze and white pearls, topped with a garnet red and white crystal charm. ~ S$35

B04: Perfect in Black
A black and gold bracelet with a chinois twist for that little black dress. ~S$25

B05: Forget Me Knot
A beautiful gold Chinese frog button adds a touch of chinois chic to this bracelet. ~ S$25

B06: Rock My World
Pair this rock chick bracelet with jeans and t-shirt for a look that screams Stylish! ~ S$25

B07: Midnight Blue
Wearing black and blue has never been so cool. ~ S$20

B08: Pretty In Pink
This fuchsia and baby pink jade bracelet will bring out the sweet gal in you. ~ S$30

B09: Ocean of Dreams

Faux pearls the colour of the ocean and an anchor charm to remind you of that dream cruise getaway. ~ S$20


ER01: The Oriental Breeze
The exquisite fan charm adds a touch of sophistication to this pair of earrings. ~ S$15

ER02: Distinctively Yours
This lovely rose gold pair with random splashes of black and white pearls will definitely garner you many envious glances. ~ S$15

ER03: Asian Fusion
A perfect marriage of emerald, fushia and hot pink. Definitely eye-catching. ~ S$10

ER04: Key To My Heart
A unique combination of different textures makes this pair so hard to resist. ~ S$18

Er05: All That Glitters
This pair adds a touch of elegance to that gorgeous gown. I love this so much that I made a pair for myself. ~ S$18

Bag Charms

BC01: Flyin' Free
A pretty glass butterfly and red rose bead make this bag charm so unique. ~ S$25

BC02: Emerald Dreams
Jazz up your bag with this emerald faux pearl and crystal strand charm. ~ S$25

BC03: Snow White
This is my favourite bag charm. I love its pure colours of white, champagne and gold. ~ S$29

BC04: Simply Me
A touch of simplicity with elegance and style . ~ S$25


N01: Aphrodisiac
A beautiful shell pendant choker for that candlelight dinner by the beach. ~ S$27

N02: Sexbomb
Draw attention to a plunging neckline with a splash of emerald, fuchsia and gold. ~ S$27

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These items are all available and will be made upon request. Dorothy's the master jewel crafter you should be looking for and she will take all queries and orders at clardot@gmail.com.

Friday, December 08, 2006

gotta take a break...

...it's been two hectic months. never knew i could be so busy. came back and crashed every night - too tired to think, eat, write or do anything else.

it's time for a break...and i m going off to Bali tommorow.

office retreat...so well..a free trip is always good.

packed my ipod, a crime thriller and some dvds. gonna chill and rest, and sleep and tan. i will be back soon so please stick ard.

dorothy, if you are reading this, i will post your stuff when i'm back oK? sorry babe - been rushing some projects so i couldn't find time.

take care guys. see you soon. i promise. :)